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Wafer Fabrication

EIC is the first semiconductor manufacturer in Thailand to initiate in-house production of silicon wafers, both Open Junction and Glass Passivated Processed Wafers. The Company’s in-house wafer fabrication plant is used to support the manufacture and assembly of the company’s diodes.

EIC’s wafer fabrication plant was opened in January 2006. The plant is now producing both open junction and glass passivated wafers, as follows:

Zener Wafer&Chip :1W ~ 5W, 6.8V~240V
TVS Wafer&Chip :200W ~ 30KW, 6.8V ~ 480V
Unipolar & Bipolar Stantard Rectifier Wafer&Chip :200V ~ 1000V, 0.5A ~ 25A
Stantard Rectifier Wafer&Chip :

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